We are commited to hair design and devoted to our community. Here at Gabriel Hair Design we offer custom men's and women's haircuts, colours and styling.

Ladies Detailing:


Custom Colour $55.00-up
Custom Detailed (updo) $30.00-up
Hair Painting (solid color) $65.00-up
Hair Foils $75.00-up
Ladies Tune-Up (haircut) $25.00-up
Lift Kit (hilites) $65.00-up
Perms $65.00-up
Power Polished (Shampoo&Style) $20.00-up
Revitalizing Hair Treatment $20.00-up
Spiral Perm $95.00-up
Wedding Specials Call for info
Grad Specials $30.00-up
Grad Specials $30.00-up

Mens Detailing:


Base Coat $50.00-up
Beard Trim $10.00-up
Clear Coat (shine) $40.00-up
Custom Colour $65.00-up
Lift Kit (hilites) $65.00-up
Frosting $65.00-up
Men's Tune-Up (haircut) $20.00-up
Scalp Massage(haircut) $20.00-up
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